behind the sparkle

The Luna Linx Story

An introduction to the designer-maker, Alex, and her gem-fuelled mission.

Memories Set In Stone

Tired of lifeless fine jewellery? Me too! That's why I set out to create a highly bespoke, personable and most importantly FUN fine jewellery experience with heart and soul.

Whether I'm helping you design a bespoke heirloom piece to commemorate a milestone, or customising something from one of my collections with colours that make you shine, you'll feel like the main character in your jewellery creation journey.

Meet The Maker

Alex Snell is a UK based designer-maker who blends her jewellery making skills with the artistry of Jaipur & London based artisans to bring her visions to life.

What started as a small venture on Etsy during the first lockdown in 2020, flourished into a thriving online community where Alex now serves jewellery clients worldwide

Having developed a keen interest in jewellery at a young age, Alex aims to inspire a child-like wonder and sense of play with colourful and customisable fine jewellery creations.

Written In The Stars

"My heritage is reflected in my work with the seamless blend of quality, British craftsmanship and the vivid colour and cultural roots of Indian artisanry.

Perhaps my fascination with precious gems and golden treasures are woven into my DNA, a gift from my Indian heritage...

And by utilising the unique skills that both countries bring to the jewellery market, a small part of my story is entwined in each piece of jewellery I produce."

Beautiful Beginnings

Alex's jewel obsession was born during a chilhood Jewellery Shop game that she would play at her Nonna's house. She would lay each item of her Nan's jewellery collection out on the bed, from blingy costume pieces and strings of pearls, to the most precious heirlooms - they stretched as far as her little eyes could see.

Using Nonna's tiered jewellery box as an imaginary cash register, Alex would set up shop and playfully ask "What can I help you find today?"

These were Alex's first experiences around luxury jewellery and assisting highly valued customers...